Weird japanese sex toys

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Thinking about spicing up your sex life with a kinky gadget? Put those normal and boring fleshlights away and check out some weird Japanese sex toys that are on a whole other level!

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You can definitely count on a whole lot of weirdness, ridiculousness, and whatthefuckery. Here are our current top 5 popular, weird and crazy Japanese sex toys that we handpicked ourselves to help you get your freak on! Or have a good laugh at. Image Source. Say hello to the ORBE At a glance, it looks like a worm from outer space. On a second glance, it still looks like a worm from outer space but vomiting red crinkle fries. While they look slightly dangerous looking, these fries are soft, elastic, and unbeknownst to the viewer, they are very well capable of inducing pleasure.

You just get sucked in! While there are thousands of themed masturbation supporters, this one wins in the creepy category of mouth-shaped sex toys. No eyes, no face. Just lips, mouth, throat, and sometimes nose included.

This one especially, compared to ORBE 03, looks like a worm from outer space with teeth that wants to bite your cock off. Although incredibly fucking creepy and hazardous-looking, the Geki-Fera Vacuum has some good points.

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It comes with lube, and 2. The detail is amazing. Ramming your knob into this toy would be just as if AIKA was giving you a blowjob in your bedroom! This mm x 35mm strap-on dildo is unlike any other. As you can see, it is strappable on your chin like a superhero depicted on the item box, or on your forehead, like the sexual deviant unicorn you are. The item is quite simple: A dildo affixed to a strong latex strap which you can mount.

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If you have too many holes to deal with at one time, you can now use your chin to pleasure your lady or ladies. It would be like growing an extra penis! But luckily! This one is not for guys or girls for the matter and most likely just for shits and giggles. While not really a sex toy either, it is a sex fetish commodity. I speculate that these pair of undies were definitely worn in the summer. Weird japanese sex toys and piss stains included. You can normally purchase them at many sex shops and online stores in Japan. However, they normally come with a picture of the model who soiled them to sale date to give the buyer a sexy visual image.

Now, what kind of person comes to mind when you think about piss stained tighty whiteys? This is Nene. A sexy pink dog with alluring orange and blue eyes. She has bite-sized oppai boobs just grabbable by two fingers, and of course, a hole for insertion which is 16cm deep.

More dimensions are shown on the website, but more importantly, she is soft and huggable. Other charm points include degree pivotable head, arms, and legs. You can put her into any position you desire. Honestly, I was completely lost for words with this one.

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Surprisingly, unlike the other toys we reviewed, this is still a continued product. There really must be a demand! There you have it! As you can see, their quality, de, and concepts are out of this world. I really do wonder about how these crazy Japanese sex toys came about. But I have to take my hat off once again to the insane but brilliant minds of Japanese sex toy creators.

They have no limits! If these Japanese sex toys were too crazy for your liking, here is a top sex toy ranking based on popularity geared for the more normal audiences. Take a look at them here. Nevertheless, whether used for laughs or actually making things interesting in the bedroom, Japanese sex toys can definitely make awesome gifts. Imagine giving the worm from outer space ORBE to a friend for a birthday present.

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Weird japanese sex toys

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