USGA Rules for 2019

What could be more boring than a USGA Rules Seminar? That’s what I thought going in but with all the rules changes for 2019, I decided to attend.

On a rainy day at Rocky Bayou Country Club, we started at 9am and ended at 4pm and I was never bored. The FSGA presenters, Tony Capano and Tom Zaras, did an excellent job of keeping their audience engaged. The Q&A kept the seminar moving and was very informative.

I’ve played golf for 57 years and I learned a lot in this seminar. I can highly recommend this seminar to any golf enthusiast who wants to learn how to play by the rules. The twenty rules changes for 2019 are meant to make the golf more enjoyable and less intimidating.

There is a great video on the rule changes for next year on YouTube, please take a look! I think these will make next year’s golf much more fun!