Rocky Bayou Country Club Hosts One Day Golf Tournament

On Sunday, August 26th the FSGA hosted its 11th One Day Golf Tournament in the Panhandle Region at the Rocky Bayou Country Club.

Rocky Bayou Country Club features 115 acres of championship play unique to Northwest Florida. Rocky Bayou C.C. is the area’s only member-owned private golf club and offers 18 holes of challenging play with wide fairways, pristinely managed greens, and five spring fed lakes. With rolling hills, sprawling oaks and stately pines, Rocky Bayou C.C. affords their members and guests a pace of play not found on any other area course. No crowds. No waiting for tee times. Just the perfect recreational golf experience on the incomparable Emerald Coast.

I’m never too old to learn to learn the intricacies of the USGA rulebook. On one hole, my drive came to rest only one yard in front of my female playing partner. Trying to be a gentleman, I asked if she wanted me to mark my ball. I marked the ball in the fairway with a penny and took my ball in hand and wiped off some mud. After her shot, I carefully replaced my ball in its exact position before marking. I committed a couple violations of USGA golf rules:

• Rule 22/23, Note 1: If a player lifts his ball without being asked to do so, he incurs a penalty of one stroke for a breach of Rule 18-2.

• A ball lifted must under this Rule must be replaced (see Rule 20-3). The ball must not be cleaned, unless it lies on the putting green (see Rule 21).

Live, Love, Laugh, Play More Golf and Learn!

Ed Bowen