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Mar 4. Posted by drmarkgriffiths. However, there is a long history of psychological research on attractiveness which by implication usually means that any findings reported as relating to attractive people would mean the opposite applies for ugly people.

A couple of years ago, the papers here in the UK such as the one that appeared in the Daily Mail reported on a story that being ugly might actually help in attracting the opposite sex. The story was based on the work of Australian Dr. This short introduction brings me on to what I ugly fetish wanted ugly fetish focus on — the sexual paraphilia teratophilia.

According to Dr. There are various sub-divisions of teratophilia of which the most researched is arguably acrotomophilia which I looked at in a blog and refers to those people who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from amputees. I would also argue that sexual paraphilias such as stigmatophilia i. Although there is empirical research on both acrotomophilia and stigmatophiliathere is nothing as far as I can tell published on teratophilia. There are certainly online forums where individuals have discussed their attraction to ugly people and a quick search on the internet shows there is a fair amount of pornographic material that feature physically unusual people suggesting that there are people put there that find such things sexually arousing.

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Here are a few online self-confessions by people who would appear to be genuine teraphiliacs:. The Sex Obsessed website also speculated without any empirical evidence that those attracted to deformed people:. If the of female s is to be believed, it may be an indicator that females are less concerned with sexual attractiveness in a man i. Given the general lack of research in the area, this is a topic that is certainly worthy of scientific investigation.

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Aggrawal A. Kendall, P. Why ugly men always attract the prettiest women. Daily Mail. Locksley Marry me! October Sex Obsessed December 4.

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Talk: Teratophilia. Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Blog Archives The ugly truth: A brief look at teratophilia Mar 4. I myself have pectus escavatum, which is an inversion deformity of the chest. The chest is strong, but looks strange.

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Its muscular, but inverted. What do others think? Bill did an exceptional job instilling all that personality into Leatherface.

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Back to the subject of teratophilia. Search for:.

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Ugly fetish

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