True cuckold couples

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Things were normal until my severance and unemployment ran out. Then I began taking on almost all the household responsibilties and my wife "brought home the bacon". It turns out that's not all she brought home. Our sex life had always been great and she hardly ever refused, but now she was often too tired or had to get up early or had some other excuse.

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Up until this time she always insisted on doing her own laundry, now she wanted me to true cuckold couples it, but she was very picky. When something shrank or faded she went ballistic, when things went right I was her "Panty Washer". Our sex life waned, and I know she loved me but was too tired. I'd give her oral, sometimes, but usually she just went to sleep after she Wife and I are both She is very pretty and slim and has a great arse as you can see! We have our own business and with having two young children the last few years our sex life has been very poor. I want sex and she's tired, she wants sex i'm tired etc.

We had spoken about ways of spicing things up, but really had not got around to doing anything about it other than her buying some new sexy underwear from Victoria's Secret. This year we decided to go on a well deserved break to Barbados with the kids and my wife's parents, us thinking babysitters!

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We had Well, one who likes cuckolding anyway. I asked her to treat me as a sissy for a day and she did. Complete with sex with a male friend and an with all details. This is what she wrote to me: Good morning my pathetic slave, As you know the night got off to a rough start but in all actuality I want to thank you for pushing me over that little edge.

It's because of you that I was able to be very verbal with my needs tonight and told my date exactly how and where I wanted him We holiday in the Greek islands twice a year and in May this year we went to Mykonos. I have always thought that Mykonos was the gay capital of Greece.

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On the flight out this thought was endorsed by the of male couples on the plane. However during our first week we had seen a guy in his early forties regularly and said hello each time and made general conversation in the bars and tavernas. One afternoon we were drinking wine in a beach taverna when he came in and asked if he minded him ing us.

His name was Mark and he was 45 and quite nice. We chatted and after a couple of litres of wine between the three of us we all went back on the Her name is Jean and we live in Southern California and after years of talk we went to a swingers club.

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Not a few minutes in and I met a guy who immediately got to talking about fucking Jean. I was surprised to find someone so soon, but anyway I arranged a meeting for another day as she just wanted to look around on her first visit. We met in a local pub at our location and they hit it off well. I invited him to our apartment and after a little small talk I had her sit on the couch between us. Earlier I had asked her to make certain she did not have any underwear on, including panties or bra.

Realize of course she is in her mid 20's and could go bra less very My girlfriend Lisa now wife and I had been together for about 10 years and was for the most a happy couple, but our true cuckold couples life had been a little slow the months. I was 30 then and she was 28, and our friends had started to buy houses and start there family life.

We had not. We were invited to a friend's 30 years birthday at his parents summer residence, which was located by the sea at the east coast of Jutland in Denmark. It was a big party, with family, new and old friends, people from his work and some neighbours. I guess there true cuckold couples more than invited.

The party was in a big tent in the garden and for those who wanted to stay overnight it was possible to camp on the neighbours lawn. Most of our friends Meghan's parents had hospital bills and so Meghan did what she had to do to help her sick dad and also to put herself through college. At first she tried waitressing but she quickly worked out that she could work less and earn more by finding the right guy with deep enough pockets.

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Meghan is quite a stunning lady so it wasn't too hard to find a wealthy man. I didn't know about any of this at first.

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Meghan and I had some mutual friends and we had been dating for six months before I worked out what was going on. We seldom went out in the evenings About 2 years ago, our sex life was getting pretty boring and we didn't have sex very often. I had a fantasy of videotaping my wife having sex with another man. I told her my fantasy and she agreed to do it my wife loves me very much and would do anything for me. So we ed an online website and looked for a guy. We found one and chatted and exchaned photos. We arranged to meet with the guy. He met us at our house. We went in our room and she true cuckold couples to make out with him.

They took of their clothes and went to our bed and started to I was videotaping from the bottom of our bed where her face was. She started sucking on his cock while I videotaped. She looked at me the whole time she was My wife and I dated for about two years before getting married last fall.

Around six months into the relationship I came clean about my interest in cuckolding. It started when a ex cheated on me a few years earlier and the whole thing turned into a massive head fuck that secretly really turned me on. After we split up it just kind of stuck with me. When I started

True cuckold couples

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