Snapchat username swap

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It should also be noted that right now you can only video chat with one friend at a time. One of the new features that has been causing Snapchat users the most distress has been the new snapchat username swap feature while watching stories. Campus Stories are Live Stories stories curated through submissions by people who are within a certain geographic area during a set period of time that have been created for selected college campuses. You will only be able to see these feeds if you are currently on a college campus, or if you have been there within the last 24 hours. Snapchat has gotten some bad press for its security risks, but some of that concern is well-founded.

A Snap Streak is the of consecutive days that you and a friend have been sending each other snaps. The hourglass emoji means that your Snap Streak with a friend is about to expire, so you better get snapping and fast! Snapchat Geofilters are images that can be applied to your snaps within a set geographic radius. Recently, Snapchat has opened up their Geofilter process so that you can create one for any evenojis and switch out that yellow heart for a piece of pizza, or the smirking face for a toothy grin.

The Face Swap option on Snapchat has been taking the world by storm! To access lenses turn on your front facing camera, making sure that your full face is visible and centred on the screen. Then, press and hold on your face. A web will appear, and several circles the different lens options will appear at the bottom of your screen. The Face Swap option will be one of the different lenses available for you to select.

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Not anymore! In a version of Snapchat, a few lenses were free while premium lenses cost a set amount. However, Snapchat has recently decided to reverse their decision to have paid lenses— all lenses are now available for free! Unfortunately, free lenses are a little too good to be true. Snapchat now has different lenses available every few days. This is great for trying new things, but can be frustrating when you have the perfect opportunity for a face swap and no face swap lens available!

You can now reply to a Snapchat story directly! Snapchat is certainly never boring — the app has created a whole new style of social media that is slowly drawing in an ever-increasing of users. Certainly, Snapchat is most popular amongst teenagers, but Snapchat has also been used in the workplace and in many other settings as well.

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Snapchat username swap

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