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I know that it's a chat application that allows exchanging pics, but what's the point, why do people ask about it all the time, is there some kind of scam involved? Those people on Omegle who start their conversation with "Hey can you see me now? I guess my camera isn't working, would you just add me on Kik? I haven't added one on Kik so I don't know what they're deed to do beyond that.

They probably get you to send them nude pics so they can blackmail you. You know, "for the lulz. Bots get you on kik to entice you into clicking links for cam rooms that don't exist. Usually there are surveys along the way, like adfly but scummy. It's quick and easy cash, really. Making the bots take about 2 minutes - there is software reddit kik exchange for Omegle bots, open-source.

As for people Horny folk and people looking to chat. Omegle's spam filter sucks, afaik, but they have a killer buzzword filter. If they suspect you're using their service for adult themes, your IP gets temp banned. I just got hit with one the other day, actually, for calling a bot some pretty creative names. So, guys looking to exchange pics trade kiks and they're home free. People looking to chat hi there! Source: I wrangle bots into a fake kik and add them all to the same chat.

Hilarity ensues. With a name, username, and profile pic, you can find just about anyone nowadays. Edit: Final one, promise. If you want to follow the rabbit hole, I can refer you to some really nice android emulators. Practically risk free. Kik is the home for sexual predators. They are trying to get nudes from people being tricked into thinking they are a girl so they add reddit kik exchange on kik and send them their dick.

They hope they can find a girl and send them dick pics in hopes they can get nudes. I figure it's a marketing scheme from the makers of Kik. Crafty swine. Why do people on Omegle keep asking to add them on kik? Posted by 6 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Probably nudes. Bots or people looking to chat reliably.

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Edit: On mobile. Wrong word somewhere. Getting dizzy from the loop. More posts from the OutOfTheLoop community.

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Reddit kik exchange

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