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It's Kink Month at Allure, and we're talking all about fetishes and kinks. on our landing here.

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Impact playsimply put, refers to any form of impact on the body for sexual gratification purposes. Many sexual partners practice impact play the most common way, through spanking, but those who are more experienced will often bring toys into the mix or try a slew of other acts. Impact play is a prevalent kink with a wide umbrella.

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Some people prefer various toys, such as whips, floggers, and paddles. Each instrument delivers a different sensation.

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While it can be tempting to spend money on beautiful black leather BDSM accessories, for those new to the experience, it's best to start small and use what you have at home. Your hand is the most obvious answer, but even a kitchen spatula can double as a paddle. In addition to saving money, using what you have on you familiarizes you and your partner with where to hit on the body, how hard is comfortable, and what you're each looking for out of a scene. Are you unsure what a "scene" means? Keep reading. Allure created a glossary of common impact play terms and what they mean.

After you brush up on our kinky dictionary, learn how to negotiate with your partner, where it's safe to hit on the body, and what kink guidelines encourage for post-play etiquette. We spoke to a New York City professional dominatrix and a sex therapist to ensure you have accurate and important information, so you can explore impact play from a place of understanding and confidence.

Aftercare : Aftercare is post-play etiquette in which all parties check in on one another to ensure the scene was enjoyable, tend to any bruises as well as emotional needs, and communicate how all parties feel. BDSM : BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism, and is an umbrella term for any kinky play that involves a consensual power exchange. Bondage : Bondage is when one partner typically the submissive is tied up by the dominant partner.

Bondage is frequently part of impact play, because tying up the submissive, who then consensually can't move, adds to the thrill of the scene. As a result, like a comedown from a drug, both the submissive and dominant partner may experience a comedown immediately after or even a few days later. All parties involved have a responsibility play spankings tend to their partner during their drop. Typically one partner takes on the dominant, or top role. In impact play, this is the person inflicting the spanks or other forms of play.

The submissive is the bottom, or the person receiving the impact on their body. Edge play : Edge play refers to BDSM activities that push the limit of what is considered safe, sane, and consensual. This often refers to activities involving bodily fluids and blood. Single-tail whips are considered a form of edge play as they can draw blood and inflict harm if not used correctly.

Hard limits : Your hard limits are activities that are absolutely off-limits and should be communicated to your partner prior to play. Kink : A kink refers to any sexual interest that is outside the heterosexual vanilla norm. Play : Play is a word used within the kink community to refer to any erotic activity, from penetrative intercourse to impact play. It means all parties understand the risks they are taking and consent. Safe word : A safe word is a word agreed upon by all parties that indicates it's time to immediately stop the play.

A safe word is used over "stop" or "no," as some people enjoy scenes in which they consensually "fight back. It is another acronym for safety guidelines, although RACK is more commonly used today because what is considered safe and sane varies from person to person. Soft limits : Soft limits are things that play spankings are curious about but hesitant to try. Perhaps in the future, you'll want to try them, but as of now, it's a no.

Your limits may change with time. Switch : A switch is someone who can literally switch and enjoy both the dominant and submissive role. As stated before, spanking counts as impact play, but toys such as floggers, paddles, whips, and crops may also be used, though most people don't start there. First things first: You must negotiate and communicate with your partner about what you both desire from the experience.

She suggests an in-person conversation to discuss what you both want and what is off-limits. Nervous about sharing your kink? Could I show it to you and see what you think? After you're on the samepick out a safe word. Whether you take Aviva's advice and use "yellow" and "red" or choose a word specific to your relationship, it's important to have a safe word. Some people who enjoy impact play spankings also role-play as part of a BDSM scene.

In addition to communicating, you need to know where it's safe to be hit. You want to avoid hitting someone on their spine. You want to avoid hitting someone on the lower back where the kidneys are. You want to avoid basically any area in which you could damage organs. It's a good idea to practice on a pillow before engaging in impact play.

If you are curious about BDSM impact play toys, start small with a hand, and then work your way up to some of our favorites. Different toys feel different on the body. Goddess Aviva suggests starting with a play spankings because it's multifunctional. You can use the crop in more of a sensual teasing manner, or you can whack it down really hard," she tells Allure. If you want something harder that hits with a "thud," opt for a paddle.

Whipsdespite the frequent use of their name, can actually be the most dangerous toy of them all, because longer whips can wrap around the body and cut through flesh. That said, if you're new to this, stick with a paddle for a while. Aftercare is a word used in BDSM circles that refers to checking in with your partner post-sex, or in kink speak, after a scene has ended, play spankings make sure you both feel good and secure with what went down. It's an essential part of any sex that involves risk of physical harm, including impact play, and may require bringing the submissive partner or the one who was hit food, water, a blanket, and ice for any bruises.

Dominants need love, too, so both parties should share how they felt, tend to each other, and discuss play spankings to improve the next time. Aftercare is a term that has grown out of the BDSM community, but all sex should involve checking in with each other afterward to make sure you're feeling taken care of. What is impact play? How do I talk to a partner about trying impact play?

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What is aftercare, and how do I practice it properly? Keywords sex sex toy review sexy toys BDSM bdsm sex tips dating wellness relationships sex tips fetish sexuality kink safety safe sex babeland.

Play spankings

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Impact Play How to Successfully Spank and Slap With Your Very Own Hands