Pantyhose fetishists

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When I was a young teen, I came pantyhose fetishists a strange book at a yard sale. It showed really tacky and artsy softcore shots of women in pantyhose. His pictures were of toes spread under nylons or feet positioned for a back view—always under pantyhose—or a shoe slipping off. You can learn more about Elmer in this Dazed article. They make my thighs clammy and ride down my waist or thighs. They twist and slide around so the seams wrap around the leg and pinch. I always prefer to get away with worn jeans, dreading events that require pantyhose decorum.

Still, I know who does like pantyhose. A lot of men. As far as fetishes go, nylon love is pretty tame. We all know that most men love the various undergarments worn by women.

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Whether you want to ejaculate all over my pantyhose-covered thighs or wear them yourself, here are some interesting tidbits about this fetish. Some fetishes and kinks have deep evolutionary roots, or a long and colorful history. For example, rape fantasies and group sex and exhibitionism have all shown up in many cultures and eras, and can be traced back to the mating dynamics of our dawn.

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Nylon was invented in But the popular nylon pantyhose only hit the market in The first name for pantyhose was Panti-Legs. The product was a combination of stockings and panties. And in a certain era, most of these women were wearing pantyhose. In addition to maintaining a simple, discreet barrier between bare legs and the world, pantyhose creates the illusion of flawlessness.

This is how such uncomfortable garments become popular! Scars, stubble, veins, and cellulite is magically airbrushed to a single tone, and flesh appears firmer. How pantyhose fetishism is played out is surprisingly varied. Some men get off while fantasizing about women wearing pantyhose. For others, cross-dressingand even being humiliated while wearing them is a big turn pantyhose fetishists.

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Some guys just love the sensation of nylon against their cock and want to rub themselves against the fabric. Others love the sight of spread pussy partially veiled, or the glimpse of dark pubic hair underneath shrouding the ultimate goal. Get Kinky Mail!

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I was surfing the internet enjoying some artsy short films when I came across I get a kick Get ready to push your limits What's Your Kink? Search over kinky articles:.

Pantyhose fetishists

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