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The quality of the stories varies widely, however, and The Best of Nifty list was set up as a readers' guide pointing to some of the best stories posted at Nifty. It has since been expanded to include other sites where excellent stories can be found.

We hope this list adds to your enjoyment of reading on the Web. Gay Authors. Switch to Short Story View. Switch to Novel View. Novels Title. The Best of Nifty and the Net - A Canterbury Tale. A Special Place Trilogy. A Special Place. Concord Five, The. Oberlin Five, The. Absolute Convergence.

After We Danced. Aladdin's Awakening. Alien Culture. All American Rent Boys. All Lost Things. Josh Aterovis. Alpha Male. David Buffet. Always Joey. Evan Bradley. An Empty Grave. Angel and Demon.

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The Angel of Pie Jesu. The Storyteller. Aurora Tapestry. John Ellison. Avery's World. Babying Reuben. Java Biscuit. Back To The Playground. Barton Hardwick. Basketball Jock and Prof. Cosmic Charlie. Barry Saga, The. Beyond the Rain. Billie Joe's Journal.

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Bleeding Hearts. Boy at the Wedding. Jerry Fell. The Boy from Sweden. Boy In A Pink Box. The Boyfriend excerpt. Keith Morrisette. Boys of Aurora. Brief Encounters. Bright Things Come to Confusion. Buy Me a Drink. A Friendly Face. Cairo Holiday. Caught in the Lower School Bogs. Centennial Park. Chris and Nigel.

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Christopher Answers. Chronicles of an Academic Predator. Mark Arbour. A Class by Himself. T im Mead. Columbus Avenue. Construction Days. Lavender Quill. Copier Guy. Courage and Passion. Count Oskar. Michael Arram. Curious Set of Misfits. Free Thinker. Daniel and JD.

Darien's Tears. David Lemmarie. Dark Prince. Dave MacMillan. David and Tristan. Derek Zieman. David's Initiation. Desert Dropping. Discovering Gregory. Do What You Can. Dominated by Doug. Don't Wanna Be Lonely Tonight. Tim Mead. Dumb Horny Jock. Easter Rugger Tours. Educating Alex. Eighth Grade.

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Ricardo Cabeza. Riley Jericho. Everybody's Wounded. Duncan Ryder. The Exile. A Father's Love. Finally Home. Finding Family. Jeff Allen. Flack Bait. Flip's Tale.

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Foley-Mashburn Saga. Brew Maxwell. For Dress A Tattoo. Andrej Koymasky. For The Love Of Pete. Forever On A Tree. Forge Friends.

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Foxwood Chronicles. Fraternity Memoirs. Free To Good Home. Games at Deauville. Gang of Five. The Garden. Getting A Life. Jamie Anderson. Gone from Daylight.

Nifty erotic stories com

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