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Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Hide Ad. About Discussion Members Bisexual « Back to discussions. I am a married man, basically Str8 but discretly Bisexual. Living in the Conservative Midwest. It is absolutely the greatest and most fantastic thing about sex. It is totally hard to admit this to another man, or finding another male to talk to about this.

Although, I know that I am Not alone. So I would like to hear about men who love cum, if you're a married man and you share this same Love as I do. If I did not have the same female for 22 years, I would be sucking cocks all the time and riding cocks and dressing up for men. I am a married out 69 yo bisexual and I have been known to sneak off to the adult bookstore to suck the cum out of cocks.

Most men like to cum in the back of your throat but I like it better when they cum in my face or mouth so I can taste it. I love the taste of cum! Guest posted 20 May After my wife and I were married, I began to lick my cum from her pussy after we had sex.

She loved it and usually had an orgasm while I was doing it.

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Later I began to ask her not to swallow when she sucked my cock but instead to share my cum with me in a snowball. One day after we shared a mouthful, she asked me about my willingness to eat my own cum.

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I simply said, "You eat my cum all the time, why shouldn't I? Besides you lick your cum off of my cock quite often, what's the difference? She still enjoys me cleaning her pussy though, lol. But I love to lick my fingers that have precum on it. So sweet. Only tasted another man's cum once, but it's a memory that has lasted me for decades.

Taste my own all the time. Love it. BigJohn posted 23 May Load69 posted 24 May I have been swallowing my own load for a few years now and really love it. I want to get a cock in my mouth for the first time and swallow someone else's load. I would be happy to share my cock if someone will share theirs. Marriedbicurious64 posted 05 Jun I have tasted another a long time ago. I would be doing it again if I wasn't married. Since I am married the only cum I get is my own. I prefer to attempt to cum in my mouth, legs over head version.

Don't get real close to mouth with my cock not flexible enough anymore, but I do aim towards it.

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Must admit my aim is bad and it is more of men who love cum facial but still find it hot and I do usually end up with at least some hitting its mark. Yeah, I do that too, and often end up shooting onto my neck, or in my nose or eyes, but definitely still hot.

When I was younger I had better aim because I didn't have to shoot as far, like you said. When I was young I was oh so close to cumming directly into my mouth. Once got the head fully past my lips, but still couldn't maintain contact during orgasm. There's nothing like having your mouth filled with someone else's manhood, and coaxing his essence out of him. Needsumcum62 posted 30 Jun I seriously could have written this. Straight, but really can't wait to try bi.

I love cum, and can't wait to try someone else's. My wife at the time helped me explore my own cum in and been eating ever since. Also, learned few things If it cools down won,t touch. Women have noticed that I unlike every other male can and will eat pussy even if came in or on pussy.

Absolute act with my wife now is sucking her as she is being fucked by my male friend. He cums all over my face, her pussy etc. I am right there with you. I love the taste of cum.

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I haven't experienced a big cummer yet, but hope to, or multiple guys at one time. I had a guy jack off 3 times in a condom and give it to me. Loved it. Being married and 63 I don't get the chance to suck a nice cock very often. I also live in Iowa so maybe we are close enough to help each other out? I've only sucked a couple cock where they came. Once was a surprise and caught me off guard. I am looking to suck some more and taste the cum.

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Myamazing posted 13 Dec Monique65 posted 15 Dec I have only tasted my own cum, but I do find it appealing. I often cum while sucking my realistic dildo, then put my men who love cum on it and lick it off. Guest posted 15 Dec I am married, 64 and I have been eating my own for a long time. I had the opportunity to taste another man's cum for the first time a little over a month ago. He did not have a very big cock and did not get super hard, and unfortunately did not cum very much, but came in my mouth just the same and the taste was fine.

Looking forward to another experience soon. Too i also love cum swapping with my lover and I love when I get a facial and he rubbs his cock all over my face then makes me suck it dry. I love cum too! The taste and texture and sharing it with the guy after he comes in my mouth! I have only sampled my own and it really turns me on especially the few times I have cleaned up my wife after cuming inside of her. I find it really hard to stay interested after I have cum so I ask her before I cum to tell me to clean her up to please her and that is all it takes.

I have never sucked off a guy and would be willing to try it once to see if I like it. Ideally it would be with my wife after he just fucked her. I would eat my own cum from my wife's pussy after sex whenever she would let me. Most of the time she would stop me. But once I actually took a load of cum from a guy that I really discovered I love the texture, taste, and the actual act of a climax in my mouth. I love sharing about my love for cum. I like eating my cum out of my wifes pussy but almost never lick it off my hand if i jerk off.

I DO love eating it straight from the tap and always have the guy blow his load into my hungry mouth. Besides make cum- I was taught an interesting lesson when I was 18 or I became involved with an older female. She was just about everything you could want in a female and once we became closer- I saw her kink side- especially BDSm. Anyway - one day she told me to eat her Pusey after I filled it. She was insistent. She said to me - I lick your fingers after u jerk off.

I taste and swallow your cum. You lick my kissy juice. Now u can have that combo. Well- I went down on her and it was magnificent- she came harder than ever before. After that many times she would take my cum in her mouth and share it with me or just transport into my mouth.

So damn hot. She then taught and told me that a true man will eat his own cum And then taught me a very valuable lesson that shocked many since. Earning my Red Wungs. The ultimate man will go down on a woman when she has her period. Many women refuse and and almost all are shocked but a woman will always respect and remember the man who dies that. Jakefromny posted 27 Mar It is addictive Wish that I didn't wait until my late 50's to enjoy sucking cock and swallowing the reward! Vegasfun posted 27 Mar Unfortunately, I am no longer with my lady, but I have to thank her for helping me discover the joys of cream pie and an appreciation for the distinct robust taste of a man's cum.

Even though it was unintentional on her part. She was cheating on me, and I knew about it. I had a PI following her taking pictures for several months. I knew every time she met her side piece what they did and where. I have to admit the guy was a performer. He would cum in her two or three times every meeting.

The first time I told her I wanted to eat her pussy, knowing that she was freshly fucked and full of cum she told me she needed to shower and felt dirty from a long day at work. I followed her into the men who love cum, and she was wearing a short dress.

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I grabbed her and pushed her over to the bed, made her bend over, and started licking her soaked nylon crotch. I told her that she tasted different but that I liked it and wanted more.

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I pilled her panties off and sucked on the crotch, and then I dove into her soaked pussy and buried my tongue deep inside her. I kept telling her how good she tasted. She went wild. She climbed up on my dace and started grinding her pussy against my mouth.

She started contracting her pussy, trying to push more of her lover's cum into my mouth. She grabbed my head and started calling me a bitch. In her mind, she was enjoying the fact that she was full of her lover's cum, and I was so clueless that I did not know You was tasting his jizz and loving it I ate that tasty pussy for another hour, and she came several more times.

We were both so turned on but for very different reasons. I allowed this charade to go on for several months because I enjoyed my found desire to eat a man's cum from a hot pussy.

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