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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Literotica hotwife Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My husband and I have a great sex life. Although we have been married twenty years we still go at it hot and heavy in the bedroom.

I never imagined that my husband would think about me having sex with another man. One night when we had just ended an unusually heavy session of sex, we were lying in bed and talking. He shocked me when he asked me if I had any special fantasies. I told him "no" but my curiosity was aroused so I asked him his own question. That is when he floored me by saying he wanted to watch me have sex with another man. I told him that I loved only him literotica hotwife did not want to make love or sex with anyone else.

I could not understand why he would want me to do such a thing. He explained that it was a common man fantasy and would not ask me to do it if I did not want to do it. I said I did not and he dropped the subject. But I could not help wondering what it might be like. I think I should describe myself to you. I am 46 years old. I am still in great shape with a 36 D chest and nice hips and long thin legs.

I have long light brown hair and brown eyes. A lot of people tell me I am very nice looking but after two children I wonder if I'm still attractive to other men, at least other men that I might find attractive. I usually do not dress provocatively but when I am dressed up I do get a lot of looks. The following week we made love several times and it was not mentioned but I found myself thinking about it. Finally he brought it up again and I asked him if he were really serious.

That really got him going and he explained that the thought of me with another guy really turned him on and he asked me to just think about it. I said "OK", but no promises. He was content with that and we had some great love making. I started to mull it over in my mind.

Although I was really against it, my husband has always done what I have asked and I thought I should at least consider it for him. The thought of sex with someone other than my husband was a little far out for me because I have never even considered cheating. He tells me it's not cheating if he allows it. I have to admit I was starting to get a little turned on by the whole thing. I found myself literotica hotwife more and more about it and thought maybe I would try it for him.

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The next time he brought it up was on a Monday night. I asked him if I considered it, how would we go about it. He literotica hotwife jumped out of the bed with joy, thanking me and saying how happy he was that I would do it for him. I said that I would listen to what he had to say. Not that I was absolutely going to do it but by that time I was starting to get very interested.

He began to lay out his plan for me. He said we could put an add on something like Craigslist or put a profile on line on a Swinger's site to see if we could get someone for a threesome or we could ask someone we know. I stopped him right there. I told him there was no way I was doing this the first time in front of him and certainly not with anyone we knew. He responded that a big part of this for him literotica hotwife seeing me with the other man. I said to him that I would have to take it one literotica hotwife at a time.

It was hard enough to consider sex with someone else but in front of the hubby was a bit too much. We talked for awhile and decided that I would dress up and go to a local bar or lounge, sit alone and see if anyone was interested in me. I thought this would be good because if I really wanted to get out of this I could just walk out and go home.

My husband also liked this idea because he could watch me from the bar and see how I was doing with my potential lovers while protecting me at the same time. We agreed that I would make the decision once inside to talk to someone or leave if I became afraid or did not like anyone. If I was attracted to someone and it was going to go further, I would make the decision how far to go and then tell him all about it later when I got home. He made me promise to tell him every single detail if anything happened.

To tell the truth, I really though not much would happen. We set the date for my first adventure for that Saturday night. During that week I have to admit I was really excited. Although I had a few lovers before I was married, for the past twenty years I had only been with my husband. The thought of another man holding and kissing me, or maybe more, really turned me on. I did not know whether to be excited or ashamed. I took a long time to decide what to wear. I would not go into a public place dressed like a tramp but I knew I had to look sexy.

I settled on a short black dress that rode close to my body and showed it off while allowing for some cleavage without making me look like a prostitute. I know I have the body for this but did I have the nerve? Although I still was uncomfortable, I was going full steam ahead. I was really beginning to enjoy the prospect of being the center of attention of a strange man. I also decided that I would wear my wedding ring because I wanted anyone who approached me to know what this was all literotica hotwife without me having to say it.

I am told most men who see a woman alone in a bar with a wedding ring know she is out for a good time. Saturday I spent all day getting ready doing all the things a woman must do to feel beautiful. My husband was a little edgy but I cannot say that I blame him. My mind was a total wreck, giddy from not knowing what was going to happen. We left the house at about eight o'clock. A little early but I wanted to get going. In the car we went over the als we decided on for my safety. I also had my cell phone if I had any trouble. As the night progressed I would call my husband to let him know what was going on and how I felt.

He said I could stop at any time I wanted but in my heart I knew I was going to use all my courage to see this through. We arrived at the bar we chose, a small hotel bar that catered to an upscale clientele but a place that I would not likely run into anyone I knew.

The hotel was frequented by mostly business travelers who were in their literotica hotwife thirties and forties. The thought of a chance meeting with a handsome younger man wandered through my mind but I dismissed it.

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I entered first and sat at the bar near the end while my husband parked the car. It was fairly crowded but there were still seats at the bar.

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My husband entered a few minutes later and without looking at me took a seat across the bar. He was not too close but he could see me easily. I ordered a screwdriver and was shocked when the bartender told me it was already paid for by a man at the other end of the bar.

Literotica hotwife

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