Licking fetish

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Jul Posted by drmarkgriffiths. As was reported in the Asian Press :. And he did that with the vilest of intentions — so he could frighten and coerce his young, vulnerable victims — as young as 12 years old — into quiet places at HDB blocks, where he could molest and do horrible things to them. After cornering some of his female victims, he would ask them to stick out their tongues — just so he could touch them.

Jafny had checked the tongues of five girls on different occasions. This case obviously concerned a fetishist licking fetish the behaviour that he engaged in was non-consensual and problematic.

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Here is a selection:. As I have never seen this sexual behaviour officually listed in any reputable academic source and it certainly does not appear in either Dr. Anil Aggrawal calls fetishistic zoophiles that keep various animal parts that they then use as an erotic stimulus as a crucial part of their sexual activity. Such individuals have been reported in the clinical literature including the case of a woman reported in a issue of the American Journal of Forensic Medical Pathology who used the tongue licking fetish a deer as her primary masturbatory aid.

In a blog on odontophilia a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from teethI wrote about a study led by Dr G. Scorolli University of Bologna, Italy on the relative prevalence of different fetishes using online fetish forum data.

Aggrawal A. Aggrawal, A. A new classification of zoophilia. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 18, Randall, M. Xenolingual autoeroticism.

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American Journal of Forensic and Medical Pathology, 11, Scorolli, C. Relative prevalence of different fetishes. International Journal of Impotence Research, 19, Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Blog Archives The short and tongue of it: A brief look at glossaphilia Jul As was reported in the Asian Press : [Jafny Mohamed Sunny] used his military police credentials to pass himself off as a police officer.

I licking fetish tongues…In my mouth, receiving oral, or just having it explore my body its all good. Licking, specifically. But then again, what else can you really do with a tongue?

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Soft tongues are especially nice. Love, B. Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. London: Greenwich Editions. Search for:. Mark Griffiths Academia.

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Licking fetish

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