Kink conventions

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Are you ready to upgrade your BDSM experiences? What about a whole kinky weekend? A kink convention or kink conference is a three-day event, filled with kink-focused teaching, lots of social events and a fantastic Play Party Saturday evening!

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As a mini kink-filled break from real life, this convention can give you a fresh input for your BDSM or a much-needed break from the treadmill of everyday life. If you have just a touch of curiosity about BDSM — then you should ! Lots of friendly, perverse and kinky people from all over the country and from Europe, even from the US, are expected to participate. Kink Club will in connection with the Kink Convention offer a great way to meet people, visit, learn and get many new ideas for your BDSM game.

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There will be about 30 different workshops held by some great danish teachers. If it is possible for the corona, there will allso be 10 international teachers. They will be held in three tracks. You must probably be prepared to choose which workshops you would like to experience. After a wonderful day with a lot of exciting workshops, we will be hosting an Afterparty on Saturday evening. After spending a whole day sucking up knowledge is it time to let go kink conventions the reins and let your imagination run free and mix both newly acquired competencies with what you know to work in your BDSM game.

It is a chance to watch others interact, to meet and possibly play with new people, and show off your kink in an accepting environment. Dungeon furniture such as bondage crosses, spanking benches, padded tables and other furnitures are provided. Everyone brings their own portable toys. Every play party has its own rules but some etiquette is standard.

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Which means dark clothing, leather clothing, and black shoes or boots are usually a safe choice. Yes, you can expect to experience a lack of sleep. Early up for breakfast before the workshops and back to bed late after the parties. Bring vitamins! We have energy drinks in the fridge and the coffee machine will be constantly running.

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But sleep we must have. There is the possibility to bring air mattress with accessories and find a space on the floor for the night. Come with a very open mind. You will see many kinds of people, hear many different views and opinions, see many kinds of relationships and different kinds of play.

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People tend to go a little further than usual at major events, and some of the actions may be unusual. No, all of the workshops are first come, first served. At some workshops there will be something about safety, in the introduction. One can therefore not just drop in along the way. Be respectful, polite and tolerant towards others.

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If you are new to the BDSM lifestyle, observe a lot and try to find the dynamics of the relationships. If you do not know how to address someone and you make a mistake or find yourself in an unpleasant or awkward situation, please tell the other person that you are new to the environment and that you are not quite sure what is happening.

They will very likely understand and explain things to you. We were all new once, and we remember kink conventions it was. Billetter 0. Kink Convention The conference is under preparation. So right now, many new things are happening all the time.

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Who should attend the Kink Convention? ALL from beginner to advance to expert and anywhere in between. Registration up by buying ticket here. Workshops There will be about 30 different workshops held by some great danish teachers. Sleep Yes, you can expect to experience a lack of sleep. Remember to bring an open mind. Are you completely new to BDSM? Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!! Share this: Click to share kink conventions Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to this to a friend Opens in new window.

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Kink conventions

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