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Max Sebastian is a writer, author and occasional journalist who lives in London with his wife and. He has been writing erotica for more than 10 years, with his first full length erotic novel, Anarchy of the Heartcoming along inand a second, Submitting to Hera year later.

Wives with Benefits Volume 1 Short story anthology. This is a work of fiction, any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or events, organizations or locations, is purely coincidental. Reproduction in whole or in part of this publication without written consent is strictly prohibited, other than limited quotes for purposes of review.

The author greatly appreciates you taking the time to read this book, please do consider leaving a review wherever you bought this title, to help others find this story. People always want to know if this was something she pushed me into accepting, or if I hot wife online stooped so low that I tolerated her relationship with him out of some desperate attempt to protect our marriage. The truth is, I had strong fantasies about my wife being free to sleep with other men long before she was ever tempted to do so herself.

Where did it come from? I sometimes wonder where my ex-girlfriend is now—at the time, her misdeeds did make my life seem unlivable. I guess she was my first love, though time has now firmly quashed any desire on my part to see her again.

After Brittany Snow, I did go into hot wife online of a mourning period, and even beyond the six-month grieving process I went through, it took months and months before I stopped fantasizing about taking Brittany back. She had been good in bed. Did that experience set me up for the fantasy of my wife sleeping with another man?

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She even had a part in a TV pilot that had ultimately failed to secure a series. I was totally bewitched by the fresh-faced redhead, who was all smiles and full of energy.

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But while she was marked out for success by her alma mater, on graduation she fell into the same hole countless other actors do when they attempt to launch a career in New York, rather than LA. Hayley was locked into waitressing and bar tending, with her only commitment to acting being her endless roles as an extra whenever a movie production was in town. I saw her getting more and more downhearted about her chances as she hit her mid-twenties, and started worrying she was quickly becoming over-the-hill—the way the entertainment industry views women.

My own career was surging ahead, keeping us in comfortable accommodation even while Hayley passed the time serving up cocktails and entrees. Then came marriage, which provided a little distraction from her gloom. I guess things did settle down between us, we got caught in a rut.

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Sex is good, but you abbreviate it, you take short cuts, you stop seeing your familiar partner with the same kind of awe and wonderment as when you first met her. Some of that was my fault, spending too much time at work.

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Hayley got a role as an extra in a romantic comedy that was shooting in New York in the summer, and the role required her to sit on a bench in Central Park with a nice young guy, chatting mostly. And then she would have to kiss him. A few weeks later, with her performance approaching, she seemed a little nervous. I tried to be reassuring one night across the dinner table. Just about here is where my manhood started noticeably thickening in my pants.

I shrugged. I was thinking about my beautiful wife spending all day on a bench in Central Park kissing some handsome wannabe actor, and my cock was hard as a rock. I was munching on a forkful of Caesar salad at the time, and trying not to reveal to her the strange exhilaration I felt at the thought of my wife having a fun little kissing party in the Manhattan sunshine, while probably trying to figure out why in Hell I was feeling that way about her. She was just feeling vulnerable, I guess, tired of the rejection that surrounded her acting career like a toxic cloud.

I sighed. Inwardly, I groaned at the slip of my tongue. She knew what I meant, I knew what I meant, but in hot wife online kind of argument, there was no wiggle room. Do you really want me to be that kind of husband? Toggle FullEnglishBooks. Read Book Download Book. In the Bag by Kate Klise. The Angels of Destiny by Haydn Jones.

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The Opposite of Hallelujah by Anna Jarzab. A Deadly Reunion by Odette C. Little Emperors by JoAnn Dionne.

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