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F-list is the site we use for roleplay [primarily, anyway], so it's fitting to include an introduction to the site and how to use it [especially vs how we use it]. First of all minors can't make s here. Like, that's illegal and shit, don't do that. Anyway, when you first visit F-list, you'll be prompted to make an or log in.

Please note that your username must be unique, is not displayed to anyone anywhere, and is the only name you use when logging into the site. You do not use the names of any of your character profiles to log in. So pick something easy to remember.

Once you're logged in, you'll see a different view of the frontand navigating it is a bit strange so here are the highlights:. Making character profiles can be done from almost anywhere on f-list. Just click the "characters" menu then "create new character".

You can have an absurd amount of profiles, so feel free to make as many as you want.

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Before you even create a profile you have to name it and I loathe this fact about f-list. When you play canon characters, the most obvious name to use may already be taken. This is when you have to get creative. Some notes and options about profile names:. F list kink list a profile can be done by clicking "rename character" under the characters menu. You can only rename a character once a week. These are located in two totally different areas of the editor so they're easy to overlook [especially the latter] but when someone actually views a profile, the profile info stuff is going to be right there in their faces.

And if you filled out "ball size", then your ball size is going to be right in their faces. I think that's illegal in some places. The description uses BBCode and it's very versatile. You can code some very nice descriptions onto f-list profiles, so if that kind of thing sounds like fun to you, check out profile references to get you started and to answer your coding questions while you can grab some pre-coded templates over at profile templates.

A lot of the sexual details are written with furries in mind, though this is also where information like positions, roles, and measurements are placed.

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The general details are pretty important, though. Orientation, age, gender [which determines a character's name colour in chat], height, and other useful biographical information can be put here. A guide on the literacy levels can be found here. A quick visual guide for f-list's gender options, which really should be renamed "sex" The rest are colour coded on the same line.

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Here is where you have important settings such as making your character available to the public of f-list [if you choose to keep a character un-public it appears to remove it from searches, the friend list of profiles that keep their list public, and possibly other places, I really don't know but it makes a profile much less likely to get random PMs], making a character unbookmarkable [selecting this will also force-remove all current bookmarkers], displaying the friends list of that character to others or just yourself, displaying custom kinks at the top of kink lists, and enabling the guestbook.

Character lists are pretty simple Profile images are rather self-explanatory, but character lists, well. First of all, you'll need to check off the "Show this character in a character list" box. If you don't, your changes won't be applied.

If this is your 's first list, that should add the character to a list by itself, so you'll need to do it again with another profile. After that, they'll be linked. For custom kinks, you might want to look at Custom Kink Sharing. It's neat and you're free to use any custom kink located there, feel free to add your own. The f-list fetish list [" You can choose to sort each kink into a "fave", "yes", "no", or "maybe" column. If you intend on using the subfetish editor, you might not want to do this part just yet. Make sure you do it to the right profile.

Eicons are custom x icons that you can insert into character profiles or use in chat. The code for using eicons is as follows:. Inline images are custom images you can for use in profiles. There's a good example of an inline on my Tyrell Badd profile. The code for using these f list kink list provided right there on the for inline images Both inlines and eicons can be used on any profile, they work across all profiles you own. If you don't like eicons or inline images there are settings to change how they load or if they even show up at all.

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F list kink list

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