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So many of us have such a range of issues concerned drug fetish sex that it is perhaps unsurprising that we 'fast track' the experience with the use of drugs. Perhaps it was always the case, with alcohol, weed, pills, poppers and other substances.

In the 21st century however an entirely different relationship between sex and getting 'out of it' was developed, first with mephedrone, leading into G and culminating in crystal meth. These drugs, often used together in a sexual or sexually inspired environment is what we think of as Chemsex. Many people create a great many opportunities for sex and as a result tend to be particularly adventurous! Non regular, non 'vanilla' sex is often referred to as 'fetish' or 'kinky'.

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The availability of the above 'chems' combined with an explosion of very explicit porn has brought fetish sex into many people's lives. But how do we deal with going sober at the same time as having a rewarding life of kinky sex?. Many of us associate the disinhibition from the drugs as a necessary requirement for disinhibition in fetish sex.

So how do we do it? It is important that you listen to your own gut if you are meeting someone in early sobriety. We spent years numbing and not listening to what our feelings are telling us. If your gut is telling you that this is not right and you feel weird about meeting a person, then cancel and listen to what your body is telling you. When practicing sober fetish you have to ask yourself whether you were into fetish before chemsex or did you find fetish in chemsex? This will determine how difficult it might be splitting the drugs from your fetish interests. This is not to deter you, but more to give you a clear idea of how much work that might be ahead.

If you are a fetish person who found drugs and it now intertwined with your fetish life, it will take time to split the two. You may not actually be into fetish drug fetish the way you think. Drug fetish meth as a drug has a tendency to bring out the darker fantasies in people, due to the fact that it lowers your inhibitions.

A major trigger point can be interacting with what is known as slamming porn, which is porn where people are injecting drugs. It is highly advised to avoid this type of pornographic material as this could be a major trigger point.

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Further down the line you may want to avoid interacting with this type of fantasy. It would be best to not fantasise about it at all, even if you are just masturbating. As that can fuel the urge to live out these ideas to the point where having it in your head or as a visual aid is just not enough. Have a conversation with a person you trust, preferably someone who is also into fetish. As with everything we have to be careful not to replace one addiction for another.

Fetish can be fun but you have to keep it healthy. Navigating fetish life if you have an addictive personality can be very tricky; like people who have eating disorders, but you still have to drug fetish. Keep yourself in check, make sure you are doing and behaving the way you want your fetish life to be. It is okay to take stock, question things and your reasons for doing them.

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It will keep your sex and fetish life healthy, and in control. You control your fetish life, not the other way around. Being in a particular location or just seeing someone smoking a cigar can also trigger desires to take substances. It is important to not dwell on this: if you keep working at it you will be able to enjoy all drug fetish things again.

It will take time; it will be frustrating, and you might want to give up at some points. But it is important to realise that it is possible to get all this back. It is about being honest and transparent. Be honest with yourself: if you are not ready it is not a problem. If you are ready to go back to enjoying fetish in a club setting, plan it well.

Talk to a small group of friends you want to go with. Maybe have one other sober person in that group with you, who you can check in with, who will completely get where you are at. If you do not have that kind of friend, there is lots of groups on Facebook where you can reach out for support at an event.

You are drug fetish to leave if you are feeling triggered or uncomfortable. If you have drug fetish leave there is no shame in this, the fact that you tried is a major step in the right direction. But this can be very individual, it can surprise you what will trigger you and it is imported to check in when this happens. By having an open and really honest dialogue about what you want and what you're feeling. Many times chems just overrides the techniques needed for taking a fist, as does poppers to some extent.

It is about being able to relax. Coping with the feelings of stretching and other sensations. We're mostly hardwired to only feel sensations in our rectums when something is wrong. You have to believing that you can do it. Engaging someone to fist you sober is very different than when high. So make sure you like them, take the time to speak to them and feel at ease with them and make sure you desire them: it's hard to fake that sober. Something that can help you focus and cut out the noise is to picture your hole as a ring and visualise it getting bigger and sliding over their hand s while deep breathing.

It may take longer to learn to relax, but the skill will stay with you. Again, that takes time and practice. It is not for us to tell you not to drink alcohol or use poppers, but don't replace one thing for another, as said before. They will just set back your progress of learning to enjoy your fetish life again, what it feels like and how to take control of those feelings, so you can channel them into a great fisting experience, BDSM or just a good fetish session.

It requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication. FETISH: A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. It may involve hair pulling, ass-slapping, biting etc.

SM: The abbreviation of Sado Masochism. A sexual act involving two or more participants whom having overwhelming amount of desire to either sexually torture others or be sexually torturesby others. Also associated with BDSM. This address is being protected from spambots. Controlling Chemsex CIC. All rights reserved Registered for England drug fetish Wales No: Key Working. Peer mentoring. Psychosexual therapy. Most importantly. This can be done!! Your safety and sobriety are more important than any fetish hook up.

PORN A major trigger point can be interacting with what is known as slamming porn, which is porn where people are injecting drugs. There is absolutely no shame in any of this. You want to be getting piggy, like you use to be. But living out this sober, can be really hard. All you should focus on is creating a space where you can relax, both in you and you're behind.

This can sound boring, but it honestly makes the biggest difference to engage slow breaths. Be prepared to be overwhelmed! Taking a fist is hard work and you really have to want it: a lot. Most of the advise in this section can used over all in your fetish and sex life. It requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication FETISH: A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. You can help us to help others your help makes a difference Volunteer Donate.

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Drug fetish

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