Dom and sub play

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The BDSM universe is becoming more and more popular in our modern world. A domme is a female dominant in a BDSM role. Dom the masculineand Domme the feminineare all about dominance. Dominance and Submission is an exciting, oh-so-steamy dynamic. They are putting a tremendous amount of trust in you and your behaviour. The more trust you have built, the further over the edge you can—in theory—take someone. Being a good dom requires heaps of trust and commitment. That behaviour will adjust and evolve over time. Effective Domming requires intuition, reading nonverbal communication, and empathy—lots of empathy.

This is not sympathy. You act upon empathy because you can envision how someone is feeling. You need to be able to understand how your submissive may be feeling. Like everything, knowledge is power. I mean, look at Thor. We can either rule with the promise of reward or the threat of punishment. They could just have their fundamental human rights returned — sight, touch. Either way, the motivation needs to come from your Submissive. For some, the physical sensation can be completely satisfying on its own. What happens in between the hitting and physical?

The typical motivators and fantasies of submission can be divided into 4 main :. While many may identify the desire to submit as to feel out of control—due to demanding jobs, etc. Many wrongfully assume that a Brat will act out because they enjoy and seek punishment. It means that your Sub wants to keep your relationship dynamic private and secluded. Small gestures between the two of you can be an excellent way to cultivate intimacy in public.

Your submissive can wear a particular dom and sub play or undergarments you picked out for them, perhaps being a little secret that you share.

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Just like Submissives, Dominants can have boundaries as well as individual styles. I embody a playfulness and brattiness that I employ no matter what position I am in.

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I can keep those elements of what is true to me without compromising the needs of my submissive. When actors play roles of villains, murderers, or something else unreliable, they have to find their truth within that character—something that resonates. Raising your voice or yelling is a of weakness as you have to resort to anger to try to control a situation.

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Firstly, your person may not respond to this type of approach at all. If anything, it should be used very, very, sparingly, and in case of emergency. It can be playful, loving, and fun. Pretending that mistakes will not happen is damaging.

Demanding submission or trust immediately upon knowing someone does not result in trust. Just because you call yourself Master or instruct your submissive to refer to you as such does not mean you have immediate authority. Patience and consistency are essential in letting our submissive put their trust in our hands. If you find your approach is ineffective, you may need to find a new route.

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Think of everything you do as an elaborate trust exercise. Confusing your submissive by using punishment or rewards without reason is a one-way street to overwhelm. Similar to a puppy, use your punishment or reward system as a means to punish or reward specific behaviour. Intrigued to find out more? Keep an eye on our upcoming events for our Dom Workshops — How to be a Dom

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