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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. Brazzers Movies reviews trailers website. I was a member of Brazzers until last year. I reed in June and have been very disappointed since.

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I'm a Brit and like to see British women on the site but more than that, I want to see much greater variety in terms of women than they have now. Worse still, they are going for people with a lot of tattoos. Good luck brazzers forum sorry to single him out to Small Hands but I am not going to pay anything to watch him. My point to all of this is that, through algorithms and whatever they do stats wise, Manwin have currently wrecked Brazzers and if things don't improve, I certainly won't renew. I don't think the algorithms are picking up the older clientele I'm in my mid 50s who will pay for porn because they want new stuff and understand it needs to be paid for.

If they are anything like me, they hate tattoos and love 30ish hugely confident and beautiful women like Angela White. Over to brazzers forum Manwin. More like over to you Advocate Lulu. Brit women are so sexy and curvy on Brazzers generally. Really digging Georgie Lyall these days. Wish they'd bring PSP back. Was so cool. I don't know why he's showing up so much lately, but he is.

Overall, I'm getting quite bored by the content as well. Where are all the big natural tits girls at, girls like Stacy Cruz, Gabbie Carter etc should have been eaten all up by ZZ instantly. Stacy was already in other 2 Mindgeek sites, not Brazzers right but they shoted her It's maybe one of the few sites that have 2 new scenes out each day and tbh not everything could be just about newbies bcs non of them are in the top 10 of Brazzers, you have Madison Ivy, Monique Alexander, Rachel Starr, Ava Addams, Nicole Aniston, Lisa Ann there and that's what ZZ fans want to see the most too.

They went from All this while other sites have started offering 4k at 60 frames. It feels like brazzers forum cynical admission from them that the content is going to be primarily streamed on a tube site and so why not cut the file size and save bandwidth? This is not a customer-first approach if you ask me and I don't want to give money to a company that doesn't seem to care that much about these things.

And no matter how popular a star, or stars in this case are, seeing them rinse and repeat constantly gets really old, really quick.

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I used to love MIC. It had a Brittish period too. Nowadays MIC is rare and ffm scenes have become rare. Madison Ivy used to be nasty and hot I love to see UK girls on Brazzers too but they seem to only have one guy in the UK for them to shoot with. Every scene is with Danny D and, one, I think his scenes are poor as they are all about him and not how to make the girl look good.

Would love to see these girls with a more manageable dick.

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Aside from the UK thing, the storylines have zero thought put into them so all the scenes kind of melt into one. Nicolette Shea is hot af but all her scenes are exactly the same so it gets boring after a while.

Like you said, he's too big for most girls but then when you add the "comedy porn" aspect, his scenes become borderline unwatchable. Brazzers is a joke now. I must say the last Rachel Starr scene was really good. She looked like she was actually into the sex, like the way she was years back.

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I was surprised to be honest and very pleasantly so. The thing about Brazzers is why most people search for porn, voluptuous blondes, massive fake tits, everything fake and over the top like what Playboy used to be. I am thankful for them is that they still hire girls above 30 aka closer to my age.

What I do not like is the way Keiran have sex, I've read in a forum and agree that some of his scenes are like rape than 2 people having sex. They never follow through with the roleplay when the sex begins. That's an issue of every website with short plots, not just Brazzers. I saw a preview brazzers forum a Brazzers scene I want to download.

IE absolutely nothing. Just make sure you read the fine print if downloading is what you're after. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if, for new members, that downlo were not included in a basic membership of any kind, requiring you instead to buy some sort of premium membership.

This is what happened to me when I tried to buy a one-time upgrade to add access to babes. But then once I paid the money, I found that it didn't include downlo. If I wanted downlo, there was an additional monthly cost. So I complained and got a refund. To their credit, the customer service on that was quite good - no hassle at all. I wish they would bring back the forums. Purely cause I suggested like 60 scenes and they accidentally made one. I read all the fine print and it seems intentionally unclear.

It's not much better but it's something. ed up for one of the holiday specials deals and there was absolutely no mention of streaming only like you get on pretty much every site I've ed up for. That's poor. Needless to say I'm just letting the month run out and won't renew. I do wonder if it will hurt them. It might brazzers forum if the majority of users are streaming-only.

I'm into downloading, but honestly I have no idea what most people do. I have no problem with stream only sites as long as its clear brazzers forum you up. Doing it like Brazzers is doing it is just underhand. Brazzers also have brazzers forum history of removing scenes and never re-adding them back. I'm sure majority of the older scenes are also unwatchable unless you are on a mobile device. The whole pornportal platform with Reality Kings, Brazzers, Twistys etc is pretty awful anyway.

Far too much content and a complete lack of quality in both videos and image sets. I've not checked out Brazzers in recent months but ly they'd have image sets containing over pictures extremely pointlessand all ridiculously compressed at bog standard small size. In the day and age of 4K, those sets need to be much larger, and ideally videos should be at HQor brazzers forum for the middle ground between and 4K, which is p. Link to this post. Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites. Eurobabe Index.

Posted - Aug 9 : PM I know this is a controversial subject and apologies if I have missed a better thread for this. Posted - Aug 10 : PM Isn't Brazzers supported by the revenue generated by all those third party tube sites or am I thinking of a different site? Posted - Aug 10 : PM It was a legit question, you guys know more about the innerworkings of the network sites, tube sites, etc MindGeek owns and operates at least four tube sites. Posted - Aug 12 : AM Brazzers is a joke now.

Posted - Aug 13 : AM The thing about Brazzers is why most people search for porn, voluptuous blondes, massive fake tits, everything fake and over the top like what Playboy used to be. Posted - Aug 13 : PM I couldn't agree more. Posted - Aug 13 : PM They never follow through with the roleplay when the sex begins. Posted - Aug 14 : PM I couldn't agree more. It's pointless to shoot roleplay and when the sex starts don't roleplay Click to expand Cherie deville stays in character during her threesome with Abella danger, lo of stepmom talk from her as usual.

Posted - Oct 23 : PM I wish they would bring back the forums. Posted - Oct 23 : PM I read all the fine print and it seems intentionally unclear. Posted - Nov 28 : PM I was clicking through some sites the other day, looking at various Black Friday deals, and, as I said above, it looks like the default for all MindGeek sites now is to NOT offer downlo as part of the basic membership.

It isn't spelled out specifically, but I think what will happen is that once youyou'll get a pop-up offering you some sort of higher level membership for an additional monthly fee, and that's how you get downlo. In a way, this is good, because it allows the rest of the industry to differentiate themselves from the MindGeek monster. Posted - Dec 8 : AM Brazzers also have a history of removing scenes and never re-adding them back.

Posted - Jan 29 : PM Oh boy, don't even mention that scene. I have the trailer and watch it occasionally and get so sad because it has probably been destroyed and never will be released. At least we got one LP scene with them, too bad it's partly ruined with that creepy cream stuff URL of this thread. Link to this specific post with HTML. Link to this spcific post with Forum Code.

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