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As a cuck husband and willing to please my wife and her bulls I was forced bi never sucked cock or done anything with a male until one of my wife's bulls made me taste her pussy juices from his cock then proceeded to force me to suck his cock. As this turned her on so so much I was only too happy to please her, so now I do clean up duties straight from her bulls cock or her pussy or any part of her body.

But it seems that bulls from where I come from seem to enjoy making me wank before they fuck her and clean my own cum from her body rendering me useless and a pathetic cock sucking cum cleaner after they have fucked her so I am denied any pussy at all. Only thing I get is to lick her pussy and most times it's to lick it clean of their cum.

But now I will admit after so much forced bi cock sucking I bi cuckold forum enjoy it. Forced bi was part of my early steps in submission but as I've been forced to accept what I a, plus I've been sissified and made to agree that I will never be in a pussy. My default if kneeling in front of pussy and cock now it to go to suck cock because I know I'm not allowed pussy and because now I need it.

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I am not a sissy cuckold, nor would I get anything out of dressing in her clothes. We entered this life for her to enjoy a man closer to her age I am considerably older and one with a huge cock. It was also an aim that I could watch an wank while watching my sexy young wife in a live porn show.

Pretty straightforward - I bi cuckold forum a voyuer and was looking forward to it. Wifey and bull fucked every week. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. This was getting into territory that I couldn't of imagine 3 to 4 months before as she was against a MMF relationship at first. Then one merry afternoon last summer she asked me to touch her pussy while he was inside her. I loved it and we steadily moved to a point where I felt his cock against may hand and I was wanking his length as he was in her. Now he goes bareback. We had been playing together when my wife suggested it.

I enjoyed playing with his cum by rubbing her clit with it. This again changed one evening when I went down on her and cleaned her up. He had already gone home and knew nothing about it. We did this for a long time before I owned up to it as I was embarrassed I had enjoyed it so much.

Now we are three years into this. I clean her pussy regularly. My favourite is when I am under them in a sort of 69 inches from his cock fucking her pussy. When he cums, I get the best seat in the house, plus as he withdraws, I eat the lot. I dont fancy men. I have no desire to kiss a man or suck a cock and bi cuckold forum done so. I have wanked our bull over her face and had my fingers in her alongside his cock at her request, so I appear to be bi.

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But I really don't fancy him or any other men I see in the street, whereas I am always fantasising over sexy women I see. Frankly, I dont give a shit what title I attract. I have a wife many years younger than me and we have an amazing sex life tother and with our friend. Whats not to like? If I was totally honest, I've always known I'm predominantly gay and have always preferred sex with men. Sadly I am of an age where homosexuality was seen as deviant behaviour and certainly not tolerated in a small provincial town. So one had to conform!

However sex with women was not considered to be bi cuckold forum of my best attributes. If fact is was dismal, totally unable to satisfy any woman sexually. Ranging from my inability to achieve erection to prematue ejaculations. That was as good as it got. My first wife 18 yes old and I was 22 had no option but to take on lovers.

Secretly at first but that soon turned into full on cuckoldry. Again I must admit my relief to be absolved of any such husband duties, which was very much welcomed. I would happily listen to the sounds of her enjoying real sex and would wank in what now was my bedroom.! I did get the occasional cleaning duties but on the whole I was sadly excluded. Needless to say that marriage didn't last long before she got a far better offer.

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I think sexuality if there is such a thing is fluid. I 'm a voyeur, exhibitionist, cross dresser only sometimesheavy masturbator, porn watcher all kinds and have enjoyed sex with both women and men over the years. Definitely bi - started going to toilets in mid-late teens to read messages to and from 'undie-slaves' as they always used to be called in those places!

But didn't marry 'to conform'; I always loved women too! Just not a very satisfactory husband - which I guess is hardly a surprise given my sub sissy nature! Suki Sissycuk you look sexy in that pic, love the manly surrounding compared to your dress and make up. Lovely figure for a sissy tranny have you been used by many guys? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have bi cuckold forum ?

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By migelma Started Tuesday at AM. By baramados Started Monday at PM. Prev 1 2 Next 2 of 2. Recommended Posts. Steve46 Posted November 23, Posted November 23, I know ans he knows that I am a bi sissy cd, very interesting when her bull wants a change x Hidden Content. Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 10, Posted December 27, Saleshare99 Posted December 28, Posted December 28, This was getting into territory that I couldn't of imagine 3 to 4 months before as she was against a MMF relationship at first Then one merry afternoon last summer she asked me to touch her pussy while he was inside her.

We did this for a long time before I owned up to it as I was embarrassed I had enjoyed it so much Now we are three years into bi cuckold forum. I have never enjoyed sex more in all my life. But am I Bi? Posted January 22, Leeds Cuck 67 Posted January 24, Posted January 24, Good chat.

I don't feel the need for a label. I just enjoy life.

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Go to topic listing. Hi evertone,heres a new cuck Hello need a fake for my gf,Face with vul and cocks. Edinburgh cuckold Hi, new to the site. I'm from Edinburgh Scotland. Weekend trips are also possible, she loves that. Bull looking for cuck couple I'm based in London and available to satisfy any wife or girlfriend who's cuck can't do it. Happy to meet in hotel, or dogging. Cucky is welcome to watch.

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