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Melrose Place: Season 2. That leaves Dr. A lot changes during andrew shue nude year: Sydney turns to prostitution, Jo kills in self-defense, Amanda and Jo catch a voyeur in the act, and Michael and Kimberly end up in the hospital when he crashes their car. Though Michael recovers after a few episodes, Kimberly slips into a coma and then disappears.

Michael is told she's died; fortunately for fans, he was misinformed. Kimberly eventually returns, but though she looks the same, she isn't. Turns out, she's now a certifiable loony--and she intends to make Michael pay. As she memorably tells Sydney in the season finale, "You're looking at human garbage The acting isn't always first-rate--the crying scenes are particularly unconvincing--but 31 episodes in one year must have been draining on the cast most dramas top out at Jungle Heather Locklear Dr.

Season 2 was "Melrose Place's" breakout season; cementing it in primetime soap history forever. This is when "Melrose" really began to rock. There are tons of awesome eps during Season Two. Sydney Andrews Laura Leighton - recurring from the 2nd ep Dr. Keith pays a homeless man to make filthy calls to Alison. Michael and Kimberly shack up. This ep was sorta unrealistic in a foolish way. After being shot down by Alison over the phone Keith takes his own life.

Sydney gets her kicks by cleaning Michael's dirty laundry. Jane's divorce is finalized. She goes out to celebrate with the girls and then feeling lonely goes to Robert's apartment and has sex with him on his floor. Sydney passes out on Michael's couch after his party. Amanda rents Sydney an apartment. Michael and Sydney get it on when Kimberly is out of town.

Sydney blackmails Michael into sex by threatening to expose him. Jane wants to take things slower with Robert. Kimberly catches Sydney in bed with Michael then runs to Jane andrew shue nude sympathy. Alison is jealous yet again when Steve starts to casually see Jo. By the way, I love it when Jane says to Alison, "my sister, that's really sick. Jake finds out that Palmer is a cheat. On the way home from the restaurant Michael drives d runk and gets into a h orrible a ccident.

The police suspect d runk d riving and in an effort to save Michel's b utt Matt agrees to change his blood level on his medical hospital records. Sydney meets Lauren Ethridge, a proprietor of a high-class h ooker ring. When Jane refuses to spend Thanksgiving with Syd she goes over to Lauren's home to spend the holiday with her new "family.

Michael arrogantly says, "I should sue that b itch for taking her out of here;" obviously referring to Marion Shaw! He's then transferred to a rehab center but is able to guilt Jane into letting him come stay with her. Meanwhile, Syd goes to work for Lauren. One of her clients enjoys kinky sex games which isn't something Sydney is into so she skips out.

When Michael falls off the sofa at Jane's apartment Syd hears his agonizing cries and offers to help him, only after he agrees to apologize for the way he treated her. On the rebound from Alison and on the rebound from Jake, both Amanda and Billy spend the night together. Matt puts together a Christmas party for his stepdaughter, Nikki. In the spirit of Christmas, Alison and Billy get back together. Sydney makes a tearful confession to a priest, "I'm andrew shue nude p rostitute. When Sydney is busted for hooking Michael bails her out. He then blackmails Syd into helping him chase away Robert from Jane's be d!

Bruce doesn't like Amanda any more than Alison does so he rightfully doesn't take Amanda's side. It's absolutely surreal to see Amanda be put on her place, and by a man, no less!! Sydney gets one of her little h ooker-friends to sleep with a very h orny Robert during a business trip.

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The s ex is videotaped and an anonymous package is sent to Jane who subsequently throws Robert out in the middle of the night when she finally gets around to watching the video. With enjoyment in his eyes and ma lice in his heart, Michael watches the fight from upstairs out Syd's window!

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Michael tries to explain to Jane but she throws him out anyway as he says, "like I drove her kicking and screaming into the w horehouse. I loooooove it!! Who knows why, because about the only thing that Reed looks qualified to do is strip. Jane files a restraining order against Michael when he starts harassing her. When Michael shows up at her apartment Sydney comes running down to hide him so he won't get arrested. Sydney hears Michael talking in his sleep and puts two and two together; finding out that Michael was drunk on the night of the accident.

Alison goes to NY to see Billy. Somehow he's able to get back onto the boat when Jo shoots to kill. Sydney blackmails Michael into letting her move in with him. Despite his protests, Sydney thinks that she and Michael are made for one another.

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The girls' fight spills over into the pool as Jane says to Sydney, "you are trash Sydney, with the rap sheet to prove it. Andrews Gail Strickland comes to the beach house to try to get Sydney to come back to Earth. Syd says to her mom, "why don't you take your broom and fly back to Chicago! Michael takes Sydney on a honeymoon and implies to Matt that he is going to be a widower in the near future!

Matt confesses to Jane why in fact Michael agreed to marry her little witch of a sister. Jane uses this info to stir up andrew shue nude for the new Mr. The Two Mrs. Alison begins having strange nightmares. Katherine Andrews says to the two in such an overdone, over-the-top way, "I will never forgive you for showing such disrespect during my mother's funeral. Amanda acts as a go-between for Michael and Jane.

Michael learns that Dr. Levin enjoys dirty sex with hookers and uses the info to his advantage. He brings one of Levin's favorite hookers to an event at Levin's home prompting the good doctor to say, "how dare you bring andrew shue nude trash into my house. Michael's finally starting to enjoy being married to Syd; as they kiss the screen pans very far away to the outside beach Incidentally, Marcia Cross is unbilled in this ep, I suppose that was so no one would know that she would be seen at the very, very end!!

Michael then dumps Sydney and she sics the cops on him. When Kimberly shows up again at the hospital Sydney faints at the shock of seeing her. Meanwhile, Sydney goes to Jane saying between pathetic sobs, "I think I'm having a nervous breakdown, can you help me. Later on, Kimberly threatens Sydney when the little idiot won't take "no" for an answer. Sydney's hooker andrew shue nude is broken up by the newly freed Lauren who also threatens Sydney's life.

Boy, Syd isn't have a very good day, is she? Michael and co. Michael is demoted when Kimberly set him up to sabotage. Kimberly then bullies Jane into forking over money from the business and tires to use the money to take out a hit on Michael. Sydney is assaulted by a few street hookers. Kimberly consoles her and over some ice-cream in the park they plot to kill Michael. Billy's old college buddy comes to town for the wedding and gets really chummy with Matt. The two men share a passionate kiss, but FOX was too h omophobic to air it; so it was completely edited out.

Jake and Amanda fool around and Jo catches him coming out of Amanda's place half nude. Jo then breaks it off with him. Amanda tries to butter Alison up in the hopes that she will not testify against her during the sexual harassment arbitration. Kimberly and Sydney attempt to kill Michael but Jane comes to his safety by accident. Kimberly steals Jane's car keys at the wedding. Just before Alison is to walk down the isle she remembers that it was in fact her father who molested her as.

Parker Monte Markham threatens to kill her if she says anything. Chas' claim is thrown out when Hilary hears him taunting Amanda. As Michael is coming out of the hospital Kimberly runs him over in Jane's car. In syndication, this is a 2-part ep. The Cast of Season 2 was awesome. It's hard to say who my favorite is.

Perhaps Reed Carter. Wasn't he so hot? He looked a lot like Jake but he had some more meet on his bones. He was a crazy ex-con, but that didn't seem to matter to Jo. I loved when Reed said to Jo when she broke out of the boat-dungeon that he put her in, "stupid Jo, really stupid. Because they used the exact same lines in a very similar plot a Season later with Jo and Jess Dan Cortese.

Although, this time it lost some momentum because Jess was no Reed Carter! I also really started to appreciate Syd during Season 2. She proved that she wasn't just a stupid hooker when she blackmailed Michael and then turned around and plotted with Kimberly to kill him! Michael wins the hutzpah award. Of course by Season 2 he shows his true colors and we all learn that he's nothing more than a cheat.

Andrew shue nude

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